Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Information Wanted

This advertisement, I believe, is yet another potential clue pointing to the Irish origins of the Greer family:

Information Wanted
JOHN GRIER, a native of Ireland, county of Armagh, parish of Derrynoose, and townland of Roghan, who sailed from Londonderry on board the ship John Atkinson in July 1811, bound for Philadelphia.  Any person giving information of said John by a line addressed to his brother Joseph Grier, at Kingston falls, Ulster county, State of New-York, will be gratefully acknowledged. 

This ad comes from The Shamrock Newspaper of New York, Vol. II. No. 39, Sat. August 29, 1812.  (see http://www.ulsterancestry.com/ShowFreePage.php?id=186). 
Using the Alien Registrations mentioned in a previous post, this notice might well have been written by the older of the two Joseph Grier's, the one who arrived in August, 1812.

This notice is exciting for a several reasons. One is that the port of arrival for the ship mentioned was Philadelphia, which is good to know because I have been focusing almost exclusively on New York arrivals. Secondly, this article gives us a township in Ireland to check. So far, I've not been able to find much of substance, but I can say that Derrynoose appears to be not that far from Lisnadill, where we know one of our Gillespie relations was married.

And then, of course, there's the question of who was John Grier, and did his brother Joseph ever find him?


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  1. Here is info about Roghan provided by a user on ancestry message board:

    The townland you are looking for appears in Griffiths Valuation as Roughan. In 1864 Griffiths has 30 households listed there. Roughan is 292 acres in size and is about 4 miles south of Armagh City on the A29 Keady Rd, and begins at the intersection with the Ballyards Rd.

    You can see both a contemporaneous and modern map of the townland on the Griffiths site.